Our Services

We provide only the best solutions for your successful business!


        You don’t need to waste your time on providing the functionality of your services. We will do everything for it! Our specialists always feel the heartbeat of the data optimization and safety. We are always on the one step ahead! Our team will do all the necessary things to maintain technical products, giving you the opportunity to use your free time for really pleasant things.


        We are ready to help your company to develop faster and dynamically. U-Dev offers solutions for integrating the necessary workflows for faster creation and updating of services and software products. Your development is our success.

Cloud management

        Your company grows and develops intensively? Servers can't withstand the influx of site users? Do you want to keep up with the times and use the latest technology? We are ready to provide a solution! U-Dev provides services in designing, creating, maintaining and expanding of cloud services. With your own "cloud", you will forget about the problems of lack of resources for your services, long responses and lack of stability.


       You can be sure about the safety of the information, when you work with us. U-Dev offers a range of solutions to ensure that the data of your company could not be used by intruders. Our specialists are guarding your files around the clock!

Support 24/7

        We make everything to ensure that our customers feel confident. That's why, our technical support specialists are ready to help you regarding our services in 24/7 format. Do you have any questions? Do you need our help? Something does not work correctly? Write to us and you will be surprised by the speed of solving your problem!



        U-Dev always adheres to the customer-oriented policy in the process of choosing the methods and technologies of creating each product. Every day we make a lot of efforts to ensure the creation and support of websites, portals, e-commerce platforms, CRM systems and much more. Write to us, we are ready to surprise you!

SaaS / Cloud

        Saas technology will maximize the optimization of your company's IT processes. You don't need to worry about creating, hosting, or maintaining applications. We will do everything! Join to the world-renowned companies that are already using this technology successfully. We will develop an application that will meet all your needs and requirements of your business. You need only to tell us all your wishes. We will not only develop the application, but also will fully engage in its maintenance.


        Hardware is the heart of any device. That is why, its development and service should be trusted only by real professionals who know their business. U-Dev specialists will offer you many options that will amaze you with their quality and reliability and will develop a unique solution that will satisfy all your wishes and needs.


        ERP and CRM allow you to maximize the quality of the company, by optimizing the management of various processes. Therefore, we offer the opportunity to develop and implement this type of Web-based systems, that is consider the needs of your business. You can control the process of communication with clients, service, marketing projects and much more at all stages.        

Product Development

        U-Dev is working with creation and management of IT products. It is important to note that the company's work is carried out at all stages of product development and maintenance: conceptualization, design, creation of websites, mobile applications, programs and even hardware. We conduct thorough preparation before creating a product for you, as we strive to offer an ideal option that will be a good solution for your business.

Mobile application

        Nowadays, it's incredibly difficult to imagine our life without a phone. Using of mobile applications has already become a part of everyone's life. That is why, the availability of a high-quality and convenient application can raise the company's prestige and its earnings by several positions up. U-Dev creates the most convenient and functional applications for you to develop faster. Our solutions are your success!


        Web application is an integrated addition to your brand, which does everything possible to develop the potential and active activities of the company. Web applications from U-Dev are able to "pump out" your site and make it walk it in step with the times. Demonstration of advertising, contact forms, counters and calendars, posting information from social networks, analysis of attendance, navigation through the site, collection and storage of information from visitors is not an exhaustive list of solutions that will become an adornment and an ideal addition to your site, comfortable and convenient.


         Commerce is increasingly and deeper moving to the Internet mode. It happens, because customers spend more and more time online, where they make purchases, pay for services, and order goods. It is convenient, progressive and saves a lot of time. That's why we develop and offer unique solutions for online stores and other sales areas. So, your business develops dynamically and successfully.